Services & Repairs

Johnny’s Pool Company, Inc. provides exceptional swimming pool cleaning and maintenance service for residential pools in Henry, Newton, Rockdale and surrounding counties. Our company offers weekly or bi-weekly maintenance service.

Maintenance Service

Weekly Maintanence Plans

1) Chemical Only weekly service plan $ 40.00/ week Includes balancing chemicals, empty skimmer baskets, empty polaris bag, backwash filter. Chemicals not included.

2) Full Service Plan $65.00/ week. Includes balancing chemicals, empty skimmer baskets, backwash filter, empty polaris bag, brush waterline, skim net pool, vacuum as needed. Chemiclas not included.

3) Neighberhood plan. Two or more pool customers in one neighborhood will recieve the following discount. Each recieve $5.00 off chemical plan. Each recieve $10.00 off full service plan. Tell your neighbors and save.

We also offer other maintenance services that include:

•One Time Clean Up
•Opening and Closing of Pool
•Pool Sand Change
•Filter Cleaning
•All Types of Repair
•And Much More...

Pool Repair

  • Liner Replacements
  • Pool Replaster
  • Tile Cleaning
  • Tile Replacement and Repair
  • Pool Pump Repairs
  • Filter Repair
  • Heater Repair
  • Electrical Repair
  • Step Resurfacing
  • Light Repair
  • Concrete Repair


Concrete Deck Repair

We can repair cracks or chips on concrete decks. One of the biggest trends to liven up an older pool is decorative concrete coatings. The decorative concrete can complement the exterior of the home and replicate traditionally expensive materials such as stone and slate.

Leak Detection

If your pool is needing constant refilling and you are adding more than two inches of water per week, you may have a leak . Swimming pools will naturally lose some water due to evaporation, splash out and backwash water. You will also gain some water from rainfall.

Some of the most common leaks we find are from main drain joints, pool light conduits, and skimmer and pool return piping joints. We will pinpoint your leak with the most advanced ultrasonic listening devices.

All swimming pools, old or new, may develop leaks due to a variety of causes. . Most people are surprised that a small 1/8 inch diameter hole can cause significant water loss. It is important to take immediate action when you suspect a leak. The longer water is allowed to leak, the greater the chance of major damage.

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